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In Need of Inspiration

So, I am back from VEGAS! It was a lot of fun. I’ll post some pictures at some point. I went to 2 Cirque du Soleil shows (Zumanity and Mystere). I don’t recommend Zumanity for those who are…easily made uncomfortable. lol. I love it though :D. Also, EVERYONE needs to see Mystere. It was so good! I was on the edge of my seat (could have been because I was in the nosebleed section) the whole time, and I would see it again if I had to money to go back to Vegas. It is definitely something that will make you laugh, gasp, and smile. It made me miss the days of gymnastics. 😦

Anyway, that’s where I have been and I will have a new recipe up tomorrow or the day after. Although, I am running out of things to cook. I mean, not running out of because stumbleupon makes it easy to find recipes, but everything that I have been stumblingupon has crazy ingredients that would be one time use. I don’t want to go buy a bottle of something that isn’t used (I don’t know anyone who would). I like it when the recipe calls for things that are already lying around the house. Easy ingredients makes it that much more appetizing. Okay, well this was just a random life post. Hope you enjoyed it. If you have any ideas for something that I should try to cook just leave me a comment or email me at:

Happy Nom Noms


Flower Power

These are some of the cute and creative things that I get to do at work.

How To:

1. cut pieces of foam into heart shape

2. twist green and yellow fuzzy wire to make the stem and stamen

3. place the wire in the round part of the heart (so the heart should be upside down) and glue the round parts together

The end! So easy right?

Here are some of pictures…I should have done a step by step, but I didn’t think about it until I was done. Have fun with this!

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