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Banana Phone…Boop boop be boopido!

Bananas… Tasty yellow fruit. My 3rd or 4th favorite fruit (mangos are my first). I technically didn’t stumble this recipe, but just did it out of an experiment. Don’t hate me for straying away from my name… sometimes you just get an idea and have to try it out! Anyway, I have this entire bottle of honey to use (if ya’ll have any recipes that involve honey I will gladly take them), and seeing how my dad and I don’t really use honey for a lot of things I needed to think creatively on how to use the rest of the bottle. This what what I did:

No website…I guess I could put my own site on here 😛


5 Tbs of Honey

2 Bananas (cut into coins)


1 piece of chocolate

a splash of lemon juice


Put the honey into a pan and warm it up on medium high heat. The honey should become more liquid. Add your bananas and brown for about 10 mins. Serve over chocolate or splash with lemon juice.


Honestly, I think I preferred the lemon juice over the chocolate. I think it may have been the fact that it was dark chocolate (I prefer milk), but still the lemon just added this taste that I can’t begin to describe. The recipe/experiment was really easy and I mean really making this as a dessert for a dinner party would be nice. Plus, you can add little decorative touches to the plate and maybe even a sprig of something as a garnish. I bet this would taste good with something like rice pudding or ice cream…or french toast! Haha, I will have to try it out sometime. In the mean time, if you try it out let me know! Happy cooking!

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PS: Sorry for the 1:00 AM update… I just figured I wouldn’t have time to post on Tuesday.


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