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Where’s my bowl?

Where’s my bowl? Oh wait…I ate it. Haha. I thought this was a really cute idea for gift giving, also you get perplexed looks like “how did you dooo thaat”?

Well, to answer that question today’s recipe comes from:


Now the website doesn’t really tell you what you need, so I’ll do it 😀


1-2 chocolate bars (I used about 1.5, buut if you really want you can make your own chocolate first) *edit: I used a giant hershey bar.

a double broiler (a pot and a pot that fits inside of that pot)

6-8 ballons ( 1.5 bars of chocolate yielded about 6)

a small dipping bowl

Okay. So, for those who haven’t used a double broiler let me tell ya the basics. First, you want to put water in the larger pot and you want to put the heat on low. You don’t want the water to boil, just heat the water to melt the chocolate. The chocolate should be placed in smaller pot and then that pot should into the larger one. When you see the chocolate begin to look shiny you want to start stirring. You DON’T want to cover it because the condensation off the lid can leak into the chocolate and you don’t want that.

So, while all of that is happening you want to prepare a place to put the chocolate. Grab a baking sheet/cookie sheet and put some foil over it. I sprayed my foil with non-stick spray just in case. Also, blow up your balloons (make sure they aren’t huge…I honestly think I should have gone smaller with my bowls.)

Now that your chocolate is melted you want to put it in your dipping bowl and let it cool. If you don’t and you dip your balloons in…POP! and if that chocolate hardens it is really hard to clean off as mentioned on the website. Don’t spray your balloons with non-stick spray. It just isn’t a pretty sight to see when you try to dip it.

When you dip the balloons make sure they are evenly covered and then stick them in the fridge to harden all the way. I let mine sit int the freezer for about an hour. You may want to leave some extra chocolate for if there are holes in your cups. Then you can have some for repair. So after the chocolate hardens cut a small hole in the balloon, but be careful not to make the hole big. One of my balloons deflated too fast and as you can see in the picture…not pretty. It causes the walls to collapse. Anyway, once you peel the balloon out you can fill it with yummy yum yums. 😀

I really liked making these bowls, and it is definitely something I will continue to do for gift giving and maybe even parties. It was really simple to do and I would love to hear input on what you did differently. Maybe I will try white chocolate next time..hrmmmm. Anyway, happy cooking.

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